Replacement OCC Coil Head for SUBTANK Clearomizer (5-Pack)

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Pack of 5 resistors OCC Ni 200, compatible with the Subtank and Toptank clearomizers. The OCC version Ni 200 is made with organic cotton as well as Ni 200 non-resistive wire for Mods with temperature control.

The use of non-resistive wire produces low resistances, only compatible with systems accepting low resistances

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14.90 CHF

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These resistors are reserved for users with suitable equipment and capable of operating with low resistors. Ideal range: 20 to +30 Watts.

When first filling, vacuum several times (by drip tip) by plugging the ventilation holes on the bottom. The objective is to force the e-liquid to rise on the resistances. A poor primer of OCC resistance may result in an acrid taste or an unpleasant burning taste in the mouth.

Change of OCC Coil:

  •      Unscrew the base containing the resistor
  •      Unscrew the OCC resistor from the base
  •      Replace a new resistance on the base
  •      Screw the base (after refilling with e-liquid)
  •      Start the new resistance