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4S Starter Pack - Liqua Vinci Tobacco

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The complete and perfect pack for smokers who want to stop smoking and start vaping in the best conditions.

This pack contains



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A great value pack for the quitter to start vaping, at the special price of 129.00 CHF.

With this solution, the nicotine is delivered in a fast way with an instant effect thanks to the nicotine salt and the power of the Liqua Vinci ecigarette.

You just have to vapourise in the same way as you used to smoke to feel the same sensations.

The Juul electronic cigarette does not work well in Europe because the maximum nicotine level is 20mg to comply with legislation. The power of a Juul e-cigarette is too low to deliver the necessary nicotine shot. This explains the limited success of Juul in our country.

Liqua, on the other hand, has developed the Vinci electronic cigarette in collaboration with Voopoo to boost the delivery of 20mg nicotine.

We have included 3 of Liqua's best-selling liquids in the pack that are perfect for smokers. We suggest you start with these "tobacco" liquids and then move on to other flavours if you wish.

2 packs of 5 resistors are included in the pack. The resistors are to be changed every 2 bottles of 10ml or so or when the taste is altered.

Contents of the pack:

  •     1 complete electronic cigarette Liqua Vinci
  •     2 packs of 5 resistances for Liqua Vinci
  •     5 bottles of Liqua Traditional Tobacco 20mg nicotine salt liquid
  •     5 bottles of Liqua American Tobacco 20mg nicotine salt liquid
  •     5 bottles of liquid with nicotine salts Liqua Virginia Tobacco 20mg
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