Are you ready to take the plunge and quit smoking? Well done!
Here are our tips for a good start in vaping.
Indeed, it is a real challenge that you are taking on, which requires support, perseverance and willpower.

In this context you have chosen your smoking cessation with the electronic cigarette to help you stop this addiction. This E-Cigarette will allow you to combine pleasure with the cessation of smoking.

vape ecigarette stop smoking


Beginning in the vape is very simple if you have the right advice. And it is THE most effective way to stop smoking - twice as effective as patches.

Why does it work so well?
With vape you are in control:

  •     regulate your nicotine according to your needs
  •     Vaporize when necessary with the e-liquids of your choice
  •     Gradually reduce your nicotine dosage to quit smoking for good

According to our customers and our community of vapoteurs, the electronic cigarette is the means that makes smoking cessation easier. Thanks to it, they are 80% to have stopped smoking permanently.


The electronic cigarette is a device that acts as a substitute for the tobacco cigarette.

It diffuses steam with or without nicotine and gives the sensation of smoking a real cigarette, without the inhalation of substances that are harmful to your health.

Unlike cigarettes, the vapour released by your device is not the result of combustion, but is the result of the heating and vaporisation process of an e-liquid placed in its tank. This aspiration creates a pleasure to let out the steam.

What are the advantages of the electronic cigarette?

The electronic cigarette is a real alternative to tobacco. You keep the gesture, the pleasure and the nicotine without the disadvantages of the classic cigarette. You can, if you wish, gradually reduce the nicotine dosage.

In fact, you do not change your habits, you continue to vapourise (instead of smoking).

Another advantage of the electronic cigarette is the reduction of health risks for you and those around you (no passive smoking).

You can vapourise indoors without endangering the health of those around you, or causing the slightest disturbance.

The electronic cigarette does not give off any odour and the vapour disappears in a few seconds, unlike tobacco smoke.

Save money with the electronic cigarette

A 10ml bottle of liquid represents on average the equivalent of 100-120 cigarettes. To this you must add the consumables (atomizers, clearomizers, resistances) that will have to be replaced regularly, the price of e-liquids.

Your expenditure will be divided by at least 6 compared to the cigarette budget with tobacco.

And all this while maintaining your pleasure!

The practical side of the electronic cigarette

With the electronic cigarette, there is no need for an ashtray, no more cold tobacco smells in your home, on your clothes and hair, in your car or when you talk.

Less cumbersome than a packet of cigarettes, no more need to look for your lighter and empty ashtrays.

In concrete terms, will I stop smoking?

As a smoker, the electronic cigarette will help you to stop smoking or to switch to a form of consumption that is less risky for your health.

The nicotine present in tobacco smoke is a drug and the lack of nicotine is felt very quickly. Nicotine is a member of the alkaloid family of drugs, the second most powerful after morphine. Stopping abruptly creates a lack that causes harmful effects.

By adopting the electronic cigarette, you can gradually reduce your consumption and dependence on tobacco by changing your smoking habits.

Stopping smoking goes through different phases.

Switching from cigarettes to an electronic cigarette without nicotine overnight would be ineffective because of the dependence on this substance. It is best to gradually reduce the nicotine dose by acquiring the appropriate E-liquid.

Why should you keep the same nicotine level as your old cigarette?

If you choose an e-liquid that is too low in nicotine, the electronic cigarette will not make up for the lack of the classic cigarette.

You can reduce the nicotine dosage of your e-liquid as you go along, if you wish.

Conversely, if you choose an e-liquid with too much nicotine, you risk becoming more dependent and triggering unpleasant effects (headaches or sore throats).

In both cases, there is a high chance of relapse if you are dissatisfied.

How do you go about it?

We offer several levels of nicotine for your electronic cigarette e-liquids: 0mg/ml, 6mg/ml, 12mg/ml and 20 mg/ml nicotine salts.

Which e-liquid should you choose if you smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day?

We recommend that you choose an e-liquid with 20mg/ml nicotine salts. This is a high level of nicotine and is suitable for normal to heavy cigarette smokers.

Ideally, it should be combined with a powerful electronic cigarette with a variable voltage, which increases the amount of vapour and the hit in the throat.

liqua vinci vape ecigarette

Which e-liquid to choose if you smoke between 10 and 20 cigarettes a day?

We recommend that you choose an e-liquid in 12mg/ml. This rate corresponds to an average amount of nicotine and is suitable for consumers of light cigarettes.

Which e-liquid should you choose if you smoke less than 10 cigarettes a day?

We recommend that you choose an e-liquid with 6mg/ml. This rate corresponds to a low quantity of nicotine and is suitable for consumers of extra light cigarettes.


Quitting smoking by vaping while enjoying yourself and saving money is good, but you need to understand how the electronic cigarette works.

Even if it can be complex it is composed of two elements:

- a battery that serves as an energy reserve

- a tank, also called clearomizer or atomizer, which contains a resistance and the e-liquid.

When these two elements are installed on the electronic cigarette, all you have to do is activate the switch, which heats up the resistance to vaporise the e-liquid. You then inhale the vapour produced by placing your lips on the mouthpiece or drip tip.

Is the electronic cigarette dangerous for your health?

The ideal situation for your lungs would be to stop all smoking, whether natural or artificial. The electronic cigarette will always have effects on health compared to the classic cigarette.

Let the vapo-sceptics be reassured!

These risks will always be lower than those of tobacco, but the idea is to gradually reduce its dose of nicotine to eventually switch to nicotine free mode.

Is the electronic cigarette without nicotine dangerous?

Unlike e-liquids dosed with nicotine, nicotine-free liquid is almost always composed of food-grade ingredients. According to the latest studies, nicotine-free e-liquids pose no known health threat.

Of course, someone could be allergic to one of the ingredients, or have an intolerance to these components, but this is simply an allergy risk like any other (gluten, milk, nuts ...).

Even though nicotine-free e-liquid is not toxic for humans, it is best to keep it out of the reach of children and pets.

You should also know that the non-toxicity of a nicotine-free e-liquid is linked to the liquid itself being "non-toxic". This does not mean that you can safely inhale it into your lungs. They are in fact two separate things.

Remember that the electronic cigarette reduces the health risks associated with smoking.

It also shows that there is no effect on heart rate and blood pressure when using an e-cigarette without nicotine.

If after reading this article on the electronic cigarette, you are not convinced, our teams are at your disposal to accompany and advise you.